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The Suite Tea Nemesis

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The Suite Tea Nemesis - Book 2 by JL Woodson .jpg

Money doesn't buy happiness either… just ask these billionaires' wives...

For the ladies of the Suite Tea Society, nothing comes easy. Trina Cantrell, Danielle O'Connell, Gwen Didier, and Gabby Dodd thought they'd endured the worst life had to throw at them, coming through stronger and better. Now, just when it feels like everything is falling into place, the unthinkable happens.


While Gwen is finally accepting her role as a new mother, her love for Baby Fiona grows and, despite the thorn of Robert's ex-wife Leah lurking at their sides, brings her family closer together. It is a new day for Gwen until she discovers Baby Fiona has been kidnapped. Suspicions grow as Gwen becomes desperate to rescue her daughter. Despite her pleas for help, she knows her friends face challenges of their own.


Gabby has been enjoying her life with her husband, Dave, until she receives a knock at the door. It's Diana, Dave's ex-wife, with a young boy beside her. Could he be Dave's son? No way! Diana has never been able to keep a secret; she would have used this against Dave long ago. But why now? Why is she back in Michigan?


These women of the Suite Tea Society must look deep within if they are going to rescue Gwen's daughter and save Gabby's marriage. One thing is sure; this will be the ultimate test of their friendship.


Mysteries are revealed, plots and secrets exposed in ways none of the ladies are prepared for.


The Suite Tea Nemesis is the thrilling new volume in The Boss Moves series.

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